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How to sell

  • Submit the precise description of your item
    Do not try to take shortcuts when writing your item description. By providing the precise and complete description, you can avoid writing many clarification e-mails to bidders. Please mention how long you have owned the item, what is the condition of the item and where you got it from. This will make your item look more attractive. Remember that you can use HTML in description. It is prohibited to mentiion your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other contact information in any form under the conditions of the Service Agreement! Such auctions will be immediately delisted by Support Service.

  • Add the photo of your item
    A colorful photo of your item will make your auction more attractive. You may choose to upload up to three images. This will raise your chances to sell your item for a good price. You can upload the item photo from your computer. Please note the uploaded image should be a JPEG or GIF format image file, not exceeding 75Kb in size.

  • Conditions and terms
    Detail the auction terms such as the delivery method(s) and payment option(s). Describe all other requirements.

  • Be polite and friendly
    Politeness and friendliness to the potential and final buyers will increase their trust in you.

  • Pay attention to the user rating
    Review the rating of those who bid for your item(s) in the Ratings section. The number in parenthesis next to user login is the user rating. You can view all feedbacks left by other users who had dealt with a certain buyer at any time.

  • Contact the buyer
    After your auction closes, contact the buyer by e-mail and by phone. Remember that it is hard to judge about the honesty and the reliability of your counterparty solely from the e-mail communication, without live interaction.

  • Take advantage of our additional services
    Assigning your item the status of Recommended and highlighting the item name in bold will make it more noticeable for the buyers. For the best results, place your auction in the Gallery. If you place your item thumbnail on our Home page thousands of potential buyers will see your auction and you will significantly increase your chances for a lucrative deal.

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