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Additional services

Hundreds of thousands of auctions will eventually be placed at How can you maximize your chances of selling your item? We offer additional services for advertising your auctions to help you attract more potential buyers. The bottom line is that you will come out as a winner and will be able to recoup your investment in advertising. Advertising is the engine of trade!
  1. Highlighting your auction title in bold
    Highlighting auctions in bold will help your auction to stand out of the long list of other auctions. This affordable service will surely attract the buyersТ attention.

  2. Assigning the special status to the auction
    The names of the newest auctions are shown on the Home page and are listed closer to the top of the related categories. This gives your auctions a better visibility. Whether you browse through the categories or the search results, Recommended Auctions are always shown on the top. Many users will start their search from the first page, naturally. Thus, all potential buyers who entered a given category will see your auction. Your auction will gain additional attention if placed in the Gallery. Standard auctions get into the Recommended section in the order they are placed.

  3. Uploading an additional photo of the item
    Your itemТs visual presentation will add to your chances of successfully selling it. More potential buyers will be attracted to your auction and their interest in your item will grow in line with the quality of your item photos.

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