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How our auction works is an internet-auction service where sellers put up for sale their goods while buyers make bids for these goods. Participation in an auction means the acceptance of Service Agreement by the user.

Here is how the trading works:

  • The seller puts up an item for sale in one of the categories. To learn more about placing an auction and how to make it attractive, please refer to Advice To Seller section. To put an item for sale, a user needs only to fill out the Sell form. However before any auction can be initiated, the user must register. The details of the registration process are outlined in Registration help.

  • A buyer can search for an item she/he is willing to buy in the Directory or using the key word Search. You can also take a look at Closing auctions, Hot auctions (those with active bidding) and Recommended auctions. Then the buyer makes a bid for the desired item. How to make a bid is explained in detail in How to buy section. Only registered users can place bids.

  • Auctions can last 3, 5, 7, 10, 14, 21 or 30 days. Both the buyer and the seller can check whether or not a bid has been made while an auction lasts, the number of bids, highest bid and the bidding history. Bidders can also ask the seller various questions, exchange opinions, and submit inquires to Support Service. Should you have any questions, please contact us!

  • Once the auction is closed, congratulates the buyer and seller and informs sends them the respective contact details. From this moment on only the buyer and the seller bear the responsibility to contact each other to complete the transaction.

  • Please be polite to each other and do not forget to evaluate your counterparty. The opportunity to share your opinion with other users via Rating System is very important. Your feedback will help all users to make trading at an enjoyable experience. You can rate the coounterparty once the auction is closed in My Account section.

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