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Service agreement

Please review the following Service Agreement. By pressing Register button you accept all below rules. If you disagree with any of the terms of the Service Agreement or with the document as a whole, please discontinue registration by closing the window of your browser now.

  1. Subject
    This agreement regulates the relationships between the auction and natural and legal persons in relation to the use of all the services offered by the auction

  2. Scope
    This agreement governs the use of the domain and all the sub-domains of It has the full force also when the user accesses the portal or its sub-domains through hyperlinks on other sites.

  3. Enforcement
    This agreement comes into effect from the moment when the user presses the RERISTER button. The user is entitled to cancel her/his registration at her/his will by sending an e-mail request: contact us! If the user disagrees with any of the terms of the Service Agreement or with the document as a whole, she/he must discontinue registration by closing the browser window now.
  1. is a marketplace which enables its users to buy and sell different goods and services, except for those goods and services which are forbidden by law of the country in which a given item is bought or offered for sale. is not involved in the actual transactions between buyers and sellers who bear all rights and obligations independently in any given transaction. is the means by which a seller can establish a contact with a buyer and vice versa, in connection with sale or purchase of goods and services.

  2. All the information delivered through is assumed to be correct and trustworthy. Under no circumstances will accept the responsibility for information faultiness in all types of postings such as notes, ads, tables, photos, etc. Nor can back any warranties and conditions provided in oral or written forms either directly or indirectly in connection with the use of the portal.

  3. is released from any responsibility from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed coming from legal and natural persons, and arising out of or in any way connected with disputes caused by negligence, error or omission made by parties responsible for the presented information, including advertising agencies or anything of the kind. The user is warned and strongly encouraged to thoroughly check the information correctness before entering in any agreement with a buyer or a seller. If still in doubt, the user should consult her/his lawyer.

  4. WARNS: all the responsibility for the information contained in ads, postings and photos IS BORNE BY THOSE WHO PLACE THEM. Some parties involved in the portal may provide inaccurate or false information. Please EXERCISE CARE AND USE CAUTION, COMMON SENSE, AND PRACTICE SAFE TRADING.

  5. Before bidding for services or goods liable to licensing, recommends that you request a state-issued valid license from the seller certifying his right to provide such services or sell such goods.

  6. In accordance with Ukraines Law, the following postings and ads are prohibited: sale and purchase of documents, drugs, weapons, poison, internal organs, blood and plasma, unlicensed computer programs, state decorations of Ukraine, former Soviet Union and other countries passports, work books, diplomas and other licenses, postings containing propaganda of prostitution, classified documents of political and religious nature which are insulting in nature and are unacceptable ethically, as well as pleas for monetary assistance, offers of prepayment and money/valuables postal transfers as payment for goods and services, postings addressed to P.O. box which contradict to the current legislation.

  7. reserves the right, without any notice or warning, to remove the postings of any format which contain information prohibited by the current legislation. All the postings will be reviewed and classified at the discretion of the Team.
Registration, Registration Cancellation, Access Blocking
  1. To use all the services offered by, the user must register. The Service Agreement takes force from the moment of user registration.

  2. The services are offered solely to fully capable parties.

  3. The user is responsible for completeness and correctness of all the information, such as first, middle and last name, home and work address, e-mail address, as well as the company name, submitted during the registration. The user agrees to promptly update her/his registration information in My Account section if it changes.

  4. During registration the user independently decides on her/his Login and Password. The chosen Login must be ethical and must not infringe the rights of third parties, as well as the trademarks. The user agrees to keep her/his password in secret and not to disclose it to third parties under any circumstances.

  5. reserves the right to block certain users who violate the Service Agreement or the current legislation from accessing the portal.

  6. The user can cancel her/his registration at her/his will by sending an e-mail request: contact us!

    Commission reserves the right to introduce fees for the services. Should this happen, all users will be notified at least 4 weeks prior to the day when the new Service Agreement comes into effect.

    Rating System

    1. Internet trading is risky. One of the risks is dealing with a counterparty whom you have never met before and may never meet in the future. does not conduct a due diligence check on identities of the registered members and assumes that all the registration information is complete and accurate. cannot endorse the identity of the users.

    2. To reduce the risk of fraud and help the trustworthy users build their reputation, has created the freely accessible Rating System. This Rating System contains the feedback about business qualities, customer satisfaction, and, most importantly, trustworthiness of the users based on the auction results. The feedback is provided by the auction buyers and sellers. The Rating System enables every user to accumulate the trackrecord through feedbacks left about the user by the auction counterparts. does not check the truthfulness of user ratings and provides no comments about the feedbacks. Every user should independently analyze the ratings and form her/his own opinion whether or not to take the trackrecord into account for making an auction-related decision.

    3. The user agrees to provide truthful evaluations and not to infringe legal rights of the parties being evaluated. The feedbacks should be concise, precise and written in the business style. reserves the right to block the access to those who use strong language and unethical terms.

    4. The use of the Rating System for purposes other than described above is prohibited, including the use of the Rating System outside of the auction The primary purpose of the Rating System is to ensure that all principles of the business code of conduct are strictly adhered to.

    Forbidden Items

    1. Any item that infringes the rights of registered trademarks, industrial standards, patents, licenses and other legal rights of the third parties is forbidden on the auction portal in any form. The examples of these items are not necessarily limited to the following: propaganda materials, weapons of any kind, radioactive, poisonous, chemical and dangerous substances, animals, products made from the animals protected by the state, securities and foreign currency, toxic and narcotic materials, and prescription medicine.

    2. reserves the right to amend the list of the forbidden items at any time without an advance notice., at its own discretion, will classify every auctioned item and may block some of them from being offered or sought through the portal. also reserves the right to block certain users who violate the rule from accessing the portal.

    3. The user agrees to follow the laws and regulations governing the forbidden items of the country of her/his registration, as well as of the country where the auctions are placed.

    General Responsibilities of the User

    1. The user agrees to follow the laws and regulations of the current legislation of the country she/he is registered and trades in, as it is preeminent to the Service Agreement of

    2. The items offered by the user for sale must be in full agreement with the Service Agreement, as well as with the current legislation.

    3. Once an auction is closed, will disclose only part of the user information that is necessary for establishing a contact between the buyer and the seller. The user contact information can be accessed and modified in My Account section.


  • Indemnity
    The user agrees to indemnify and hold, its subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, agents, and employees harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of the information, promises, warranties or conditions of any kind delivered through or in reference to portal. The user also agrees to pay for all the expenses to protect her/his rights according to the current legislation.

  • System Integrity
    The user has no right to change the logic, software, code, processes and any system components, which ensure the portal integrity and full functionality of The user shall not undertake any activity, which can cause overload of the system.

  • Copying and Distribution of Information
    Copying, reproduction and distribution of any kind of the information available through without the agreement of the information provider is prohibited.

  • Service Quality does not guarantee the quality and uninterrupted accessibility to its services. The portal and all kinds of services are provided on as is basis.

  • Service Agreement Modification, in its sole discretion, reserves the right, for any reason, to modify the Service Agreement. Should this happen, the user will be notified about the changes by e-mail at least 4 weeks before the new Service Agreement comes into effect. If the user has not expressed her/his disagreement with the changes during this period of time, the changes come into effect in their entirety and without limitation.

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